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A boy from Tupelo

Somehow I got again into Elvis. His music helps me focusing while working on an apparently infinite number of wireframes for a finance app.

Someone said that UI should follow wireframes? Elvis would answer: “Not in the real world, bebe”. Here we are redesigning the same components over and over until we reach perfection. As perfect as Elvis rendition of Moody Blue.

Talking about perfection… I found out that Elvis first attempt at singing was with the song Old Shep. Probably his favourite song ever, he sang it throughout his entire career and ALWAYS got it wrong. ALWAYS!

There was something very emotional for him in this old song about a “good old dog”. Something that confused him so much he kept getting the words wrong.

It’s strange how sometimes the things we love are the things that we keep getting wrong, and that by getting them wrong we make them new and unique.


There’s a very good Malcom Gladwell podcast on memory, Elvis, Jack White and how our emotions can alter memory in creative and unexpected ways, I’ll copy a link here:

(Did you know that Elvis paid for his first recording at the Sun studio in Memphis? Do you know how much he paid for it? Just 4 dollars. Best ROI ever…)

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