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At breakfast with Madam Secretary Liz Truss

Brexit. London development policies. Reassurance. Tax reduction & enterprise boosts. A classic Tory agenda?

While the breakfast meeting with Chief Secretary of Treasury Liz Truss was pleasant, I couldn’t stop thinking about the millions of people that, by living outside London, might never get to see the financial and social rewards that this political approach might bring about.

But even this breakfast is politics. SMEs owners are increasing every year and they are becoming a more and more important pool of votes. Today they offer us a breakfast, in 20 years they might offer us gala nights and champagne. (Largely depending on Gov spending projections)

As a small business owner I’m concerned as the next man about Brexit and cut on social services but I’m even more concerned about climate decline.

It’s hard to focus on your business goals when you worry about having clean water and food on your table.

Ok we are not there, yet. But you just need to look outside your window to see that seasons are flattening.

There’s no political, economic or marketing angle on climate change. When crops will be failing, we will see all of this chit-chat be swept away.

I don’t want to be a Cassandra or to sound all doom-&-gloom, but honestly, we all know that if there’s a global war & crisis coming, it will be based on primary sources like food and water this time. And people will get behind it with fervor. Like they used to do with themes like freedom, democracy and before those, territorial conquest and national supremacy.

“Climate safety” will become the next “democracy” to defend and export (with guns and drones this time around).

Madam Truss made a very good point when she underlined the need for a long term spending projection for the UK. Especially once we will be out of the EU, the struggle to avoid short sighted investment will be massive.

Tory’s view on wealth (and therefore social stability, in their mind) has always been: more estate development, less taxes (less services of course), more deregulation (less protection of the weak and poor).

Margaret Thatcher famously said: “…there is no such thing as society. There are only families and individuals.”

If you know your history, you know where that idea lead to.

We have all seen how, in the last 40 years, the policy of “less services and more deregulation” didn’t made us richer at all. It made a few people incredibly rich and all the other people way poorer.

The disappearing middle class is today’s main motif for social inequality and instability. Climate decline will be tomorrow’s.

While the United Kingdom has this incredible ability to generate wealth, due mainly to its populace’s great entrepreneurial spirit, it is also hindered by a short sighted view of the country’s (and the world) priorities.

Now more than ever before, it is true the saying: “Nobody is an island.”

It seems like that in shorter and shorter lapses, UK (and world) economy tend to go through expansion and contraction cycles, where (at each new cycle) civil rights, quality of life, disposable income, pensions, air quality and so on, are eroded more and more.

I do not believe for a moment that 20th century politics and economic models will be enough for a global economy in an era of global decline.

While I appreciate Madam Truss approach to female entrepreneurship and SMEs boost, we probably need to think way more long term than that.

We need new ideas. Fast.

If you want to see something that is cooking underground, look what these people are doing:

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