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Vibes for the day: ScubaZ “The Vanishing American family” 2001

I’m listening to these two guys here: ScubaZ.

The album sounds very 90s and a bit Boards of Canada here and there. It’s all good stuff so I looked into it a bit more.

I can’t find much on the two guys who made this album, just their names: Brian Anger (!) and Johnson Wax. Pretty cool “surnames” guys.

This is from 2001. Apparently from UK. It has all the traits of a good break beat album from the late 90s.

As usual my eye was caught by the 1950’s quality of the album cover, paired with a truly 90s, pop-color-coded logo that would have worked for Britney Spears as well as for the Bwitched.

The back cover of the jewel case (jewel cases…ah!) it’s so 90s I love it even more than the cover.

I’m digging this one especially:

I’ve also found out that the album is the soundtrack of a BBC documentary on our fucked-up, mass-market-frenzied western world society called Hypernormalisation. It promises to be a good one already:

Hypernormalisation. BBC documentary.

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