I’m a London based, freelance creative director and designer specialized in branding.

In the last 10 years, I’ve worked in three countries, nine agencies and three startups.

I’ve created and directed projects for companies like Google, Starbucks and Travelex, as well as for startups, restaurants and social enterprises.

My work was featured on Design Calendar, British Red Cross, The UX Collective, Medium, RHRN, Southwark Collective and ESC London.

In my spare time, I over-buy vintage Lego and Hotwheels “for my kids”.

I’m also lucky to be a mentor to young, talented children from a disadvantaged background, at GT scholars.

Once they let me speak at the TATE Modern.

Last time I downloaded a new font was probably 2 minutes ago and …

 🖨️ Ink has run out. Replace toner.