British River Trust

Creative Direction, Design and Illustration for British River Trust

British River Trust is an old and respected charitable trust based in Northern England. They are appointed with the honour of widening the awareness and love of the general public for Britain’s network of navigable rivers and canals.

In need for a way to attract families to their many beautiful riverside hideaways and canals boating spots, British River Trust asked me to create a new way to attract families’ interest, while making this PR activity profitable as well.

I aimed at translating folk stories and the centuries-old fables, entangled with England canals and rivers, into a playful series of mini-stories based on colourful and playful creatures.

Children were delighted by them and wanted to know more about their adventures. From digital campaigns to small illustrated booklets, families and children engaged with BR&CT online and onsite, driving their website traffic through the roof and turning a cost into a new revenue stream.