Gemini Glider

Creative Direction and Design for Gemini 1983

Based on the Gemini Program (1961-1966) the Gemini Glider was a 1980’s project aiming at giving gliding capabilities to manned re-entry space capsules.

The project shut down because the Shuttle program was replacing space exploration standards for that decade.

I thought it deserved to get a proper branding, an arcade game and all the respect and recognition it did not get in its heydays.

The Gemini Glider is a tribute to an era of wild creativity and invention. Based on real facts and people, it is a completely invented brand that talks to all of us about daring and dreaming. It’s all about our childhood and about being part of something bigger than us. Gemini Glider’s project is still evolving, so get your VCR ready because more on this is coming soon!