Google – Android Campaign


Art Direction and Design for Google Android Campaign

A few years ago, Google’s Android open ecosystem, with thousands of devices, manufacturers, graphic styles and languages led to much confusion in the brand’s perception.

From this premise, Google Creative Lab created a new brand identity for Android, playing on the beauty of diversity and inclusion, summarised by the tagline: “Be together, not the same.”

It was also a nudge at Apple’s “sameness” of products, services and brand collaterals. Where Apple is historically a brand with no space for the user’s individuality, Android would become the brand where users’ individuality was to be celebrated and invited.

The campaign launched in October 2014 in the US and then rolled out to EU markets. I, along with an amazing international team of creatives and writers, have designed and art directer the creation of EU and UK’s characters as well as some of the many short reels and ads running on Youtube and on social media.